Why is Will doing this? Why now?

I have decided it’s time to give away my highly popular Bodybuilding Revealed Program that has helped thousands over the years to realize their goals. Why? Well, I don’t have the time to keep updating it, and decided I’d give the last edition away for FREE. What do you get with all of this? You get a MASSIVE free eBook! (check out the video its enormous!) and covers nutrition, supplements, and training.

Access to the Inner Circle while not free (available by subscription) is the perfect companion to this book.

If You Have Questions…

If people have questions after reading BBR, there are forums. The forum is for paid members only to keep the signal to noise ratio clean and clear as possible. Some parts are public to view but are read only. For those interested in joining us in the Inner Circle, you will be able to get access to the entire system BY SUBSCRIPTION for a small monthly or yearly fee (yes REALLY!) which gets you an amazing amount of info and a judgement free place to hang out.

The Bodybuilding Revealed Inner Circle - Available By Subscription

This is where the guts of everything lives. There’s years of Q&A there already covering most questions people may have after reading such a massive book. No more Dumping yet ANOTHER program because you can't get to grips with exactly what to do. People that have Qs, will find answers.

You will be able to buy a monthly or discounted yearly subscription to Bodybuilding Revealed forums.  More on  how to sign up in the next few days!


You'll get in-depth and actionable answers to any questions you have, not just those questions related specifically to Bodybuilding Revealed but any questions pertaining to nutrition, training and supplementation, fitness etc. are covered on the forums, via the moderators, or experienced members.

In addition, because this is 100% private members only, when you visit the community area, there's no arguments, flaming, or general idiocy you see on various public forums.


Over 10,000 pages of time and money saving information. All neatly organized and easy to find. If the free massive Ebook is all you need, carry on. Most people have found access to those forums really help them get focused on making the most of the program.


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Whats in the book


Whether you’re a beginner, or at an intermediate to advanced level, the BBR program has you covered with specific and separate programs for each level you’re at. For those with less than 6 months training under their belt and limited time to go to the gym, the beginner workouts are perfect for developing the essential foundation for priming your body to take to the next levels in minimum time.

For those with at least 6 month of steady training, the intermediate program will introduce you to the proper way of setting body part splits allowing both more volume and more recoup time for each body part trained. The correct body part splits improves efficiency and time spent in the gym while reducing the potential for injuries and over use syndromes so common to programs not properly designed.

Finally, the Advanced programs will cover the real science of resistance training few in the gym ever learn, and why most fail to make continued progress. By Learning and applying correctly concepts such as periodization, volume, loading, time under tension (TUT), rest periods, intensity, de loading, and others are applied to the programming to optimize time spent in the gym, continued progress in strength, muscle mass, and performance can be achieved.


Trying to gain mass and strength? You need more calories when trying to gain mass, but what macro nutrient ratios are best? How do you figure out appropriate calories for you? How much protein? What type of carbohydrates? Low fat or high? How does one answer those questions so they can optimize muscle and minimize fat gains? What does the science support vs. gym advice? This section answers those questions fully using the actual science that exists, vs. the “bro science” so commonly given. Follow the guidelines in this section and take all the guess work out of your mass gaining nutrition

When your focus is on improving body composition vs. gaining overall mass quickly, many find a higher protein intake is the most effective method. The high protein/Body Recomp nutrition plan is the best choice for the more advanced person now looking to “tweak” their nutrition in favor of improving their body composition by the strategic and intelligent shift to a higher protein diet that favors muscle mass over bodyfat. This requires knowing the appropriate shift in macro nutrient ratios and calorie adjustments to create the proper metabolic environment that will slowly alter body composition in a favorable direction that favors lean tissue over adipose (fat) tissue.


This section has the potential to save you years of wasted time and money on worthless products. Over 80 individual ingredients reviewed in depth with hundreds more brand name reviews in the members area. Fully understand what works, and what’s total garbage, without flash, BS, or marketing hype. Based on the science (or lack thereof!) the most popular ingredients broken down into easy to understand sections.

All the “basics” covered, as well as ingredients used in some formulas you may not have heard of. The fact is, a fairly small number of ingredients are used in most supplement formulas, and the supplement section covers them in-depth, so you can read a label and know what is worth actually using and what’s not, as well as what doses are required. It’s very common for companies to add ingredients that may be worth using, but they don’t add enough of the ingredient to be effective. What we in the industry refer to as “label decoration.”

The supplement section will also show you how to “roll your own” as buying the ingredients used in many formula separately can save money and guarantee you’re getting the effective doses the studies find effective. So, no more guess work, no more conflicting advice given on some forum or marketing material from a company trying to sell you their products, just facts This section alone will pay for itself 10 times over when used to make intelligent choices on which supplements to use and which to ignore.

Will talks more about the program

Back when the book was sold, Will talked about the book and the program. Give it a listen!

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