Affiliate Link Generator

The affiliate link generator is a nifty little tool which :

* Let's you to create your affiliate links with ease.
* Allows advanced affiliates to choose from numerous "landing" pages.
* Our script then hides the hoplink data when it reaches the pitch page.

NOTE: Please do NOT use alternative landing pages unless your very experienced otherwise it will result in less conversions. Most affiliates should use the " Home Page " option below. For more information on using "Optional Landing Pages" click here:

To create your affiliate link simply enter your ClickBank nickname in the box below, select the sales page you'd like to promote, and then click Generate. Your affiliate link will appear in the box entitled "Your affiliate promotions link". You can also use a TID reference if you want to.


Enter Clickbank ID & TID if applicable.
Enter Your Unique Clickband ID
Enter Your TID (What's a TID ?)
Choose Which Page You Wish To Promote.
Home Page
Order Page
Success Stories Page
Expert Reviews Page
FAQ Page
Free Report - Perfect Rep Page
About Will Brink Page

Your Affiliate Hoplink Will Appear Below

Push CTRL - C To Copy Hoplink To Your Clipboard. CTRL - V To Paste

HopLink Removal - The Extra Benefit Of The Link Generator

The link generator is cool because it makes hoplink creation easy but there is a more serious benefit. When you use link generator hoplinks, you will see that when you send traffic to one of my pages, your hoplink data all dissapears so all the potential customer sees is my plain URL's, this stops it looking like an affiliate link which goes someway to preventing link hijacking.