Protein Digestion Facts

Protein digestion. What is the truth about protein digestion? Of all the myths that surface from time to time, the protein myth seems to be the most deep rooted and pervasive. It just won’t go away. The problem is, exactly who, or which group, is perpetuating the “myth” cant be easily identified.

Hey folks! Will Brink here at .Today we are going to cover a longstanding issue, debate, what have you, which of course protein digestion and absorption. There has been an endless fascination of what the magic number is whether it’s 30 grams, and we all know that one has floated around forever as some sort of maximal intake.

Lately there was a study that suggested 20 grams was a maximal amount of protein intake, that beyond that you didn’t get additional protein synthesis, and I’m going to tell you the truth now. It’s irrelevant. It’s a moot issue to anybody outside of a research setting. As long as you are getting adequate protein to meet your synthetic protein synthesis needs in response to working out which is really not that much, the rest of it is moot. Protein of course plays many roles in the human body beyond just protein synthesis, so that’s one reason you are going to be taking in more than what the minimum amount is for protein synthesis.

Another reason is you’ve got to eat something.  You’ve got three choices; protein, carbs, and fats, so what do you want to eat? The fact of the matter is protein is the least likely nutrient to convert to body fat from a thermic and hormonal point-of-view, and that is a whole another topic, but it does not mean your entire diet should be protein. It does not mean that you should not eat a balanced diet because you should. If you are covering the good old rule of basically a gram per pound of body weight, and then making up the rest in high quality fat and low GI, high fiber carbs, and that again of course is a whole other topic, but you get the gist, you are covered.

Get on with your life. Move onto another problem. Stop worrying about it. I promise you it’s really not going to make any difference beyond those basic issues as long as you’ve got yourself covered. So, whether the magic number ever comes out. It doesn’t really matter.

The truth is it’s probably variable depending upon the person’s age, the health of their GI tract, how much they work out, lean body mass, hormonal. There’s a lot of variables here that really don’t matter or should I say, apply directly beyond getting what you need. So, if you want to get deeper in the minutiae, that’s great. I applaud it you know, that’s what I do for a living.

Stop worrying. Move on, and  I hope you liked this info. If you did, you know, the “like” buttons, the Twitter stuff, and have a good one.


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