View Full Version : Workout log book format

10-25-2004, 06:48 PM
Can anyone suggest a good format for a workout log book?

Right now I'm using a microsoft excel worksheet with the first colum going down having the day, then the routine for that day, then the next day...for 1 week, then in the next colum I have the next week and so on...

I was looking for something more like a calendar with spaces to fit what I plan on doing each day.

I've seen these before in pre-made workout log books, but I was hoping there was some software out there so I can type it up instead of writing it down (I'm on a computer a lot at home and at work).

Does anyone know of any log book software, or spreadsheet? Or even a better way to make my own on my computer?


10-25-2004, 09:19 PM
I recommend the Crosstrainer program (www.crosstrainer.ca). It allows you to track your diet and exercise over time. Very effective program.

10-26-2004, 12:04 AM
Charles Staley's software (Training and Nutrition Manager) is excellent. Check it out on www integratedsportsolutions com .