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12-30-2004, 10:19 AM
Hey everyone,

1) As i am educating myself on nutrition , training and rest for building a dream body. I purchased Will's E-book andi must say the more i find meaningful and useful stuff over internet the more i respect the e-book with regards to how accurate it is.After months of research on various aspects i clearly found out that will's e-book is indeed correct.

2) Most beginners like me think that bulking will make us fat but bulking is all about eating clean foods and increasing calories slightly until weight gain happens and you reach your goal. The intersting thought that came to mind is people fear getting fat while bulking(eating food) but they fail to see that if they are excercising hard and eating clean and excess calories are gonna make muscle instead of fat and vice versa while cutting.

3) As i continued to research i was getting this intution that in order to constantly build muscle one has to strength train, volume train and endurance train with weights in all reps. i.e.- 1-3 3-5, 6- 12, 13 - 20 otherwise LBM gaines will be stagnated. And i found that ronnie coleman said the exact same thing in a article written at flexonline website.

4) People get so pedantic that what they eat, how to get the best supplements and how they should train which is not worth it. Just learn basic knowledge and get started and make changes as you monitor your progress.

5) Sleep intersting topic.So simple yet could be so confusing. People say sleep 8 hours, 7 hours , 10 hours and some go to the extent of saying 12 hours.Geese....Well for many years i knew i just needed only 7.5 hours sleep everyday. The other day i just had a nap for couple of hours during arvo and the next morning i felt relaxed and more refreshed than usual and had a great morning workout.I don't know exactly what that means but i guess afternoon naps are indeed useful for refreshing Central Nervous System.

6) STatic Contractions Training and Power Factor training are advanced training programs for someone who has reached his/her genetic limits.

7) Lots of Fat loss and muscle gain can't happen at the same time but as a beginner i used to get conused with %tages and pounds with regards to Bulking or cutting.

8) I don't know how important are some of the much hyped supplements are. what i mean is they are advised to be included in the daily routine or we are cheating our muscle growth by not using them.example - i am not using flax oil every day as advised everywhere but i am still getting weekly lbm gains in my bulking. I do eat occasional salmon fish , walnuts once every two or three days. [ No offence here will!!!!]

9) 1 gram protein per pound of bodyweight seems perfect for everyone because for example : -say someone is 180 pounds with 32% bodyfat. Here theperson got around 54 pounds of fat and 126 pounds of LBM. 1 gram per pound of bodyweight is enough for his LBM growth or preserving it as there is 50 pounds of blubber hanging.

10) Everyone has diffrent opinions about protein ratios i think the beleifs about various protein ratios come in as people see how protein helps them gain muscle. could it be the biological value of protein we consume that decides how much muscle will be built. I mean someone eating eggs have more potential of building muscles compared to someone eating soybean products.

11) In bodybuilding you must know what you are doing.

12) Best results during bulking or cutting come when you are mentally relaxed not when you lose sleep over small issues.

13) Erp7e, elissalowe and SIMES are excellent moderators on the forum and in future if they release any bodybuilding e-book one could buy it.

14) Will Brink has a vast amount of knowledge but seems always busy and dare i say he never responds quick on threads or messages.

15) Everyone is an know it all about bodybuilding on the internet.

16) The more you know about bodybuilding and the more there is to know and the more it urges you to know.

17) Muscle density and low bodyfat is more important than just muscle mass and less strength.

18 I feel many people will start taking steriods if they are not cursed for them. Hehehe

Have fun always