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02-11-2005, 01:22 AM
Hi everyone,
today I left my gym where ive trained very hard & happily for the last year,im an aspiring female bodybuilder making great progress,my training has been very hardcore,when not training im studying all areas of fitness & nutrition,thanks will for both of your books im learning lots.Ive totally restructured my life around training,in a positive but nevertheless ruthless way im now a very fit hermit.which suits me fine as i dont want to be around negetive people.Which is the point of this post my gym has just been sold the new owner is just a businessman who wants to cash in on the " fitness bug" he brought lovely new equiptment & bad staff.The female fitness instructer must be 40lb overweight surely thats an oxymoron of somekind to begin with.From their general attitude I can see that the idea of female bodybuilding is something that they find distasteful & someone striving for personal excellence is something they cant comprehend,though thats a common fault in the UK.Im considered very attractve,articulate & well educated & earnt a lot of respect from other members for the hard work & progress ive made i get called android amongst other things,everyone asks me for tips on training & nutrition which is fine i like to encourage people with their own training.but the new staff have told me under no circumstances am i to give advice to anyone who approaches me.two weeks ago the boss said he should employ me as a personal trainer, I said that i would be entirely focused on my own training for now.Since then its been constant little negetive comments which started to affect my focus.So today I went to a different gym the equiptment is old & battered but its heavy enough So the bright shiny weights at my old gym can stay untouched by female hand from now on & their female clients will be nice ladies that drop in for a thirty minute spin class.Has anyone else experienced anykind of gym prejudice & feel like ranting about it..... :mad:

02-11-2005, 02:45 AM
I have certainly experienced some interesting reactions from some people in and around my gym, but I do not see the vast majority of them as reflecting an anti-female weightlifting prejudice. I live in a smallish, conservative city, and work out at the local recreation center gym. There are a lot of average citizens there, along with a few of us "hardcores," - all of them male - so basically, I stick out like a sore thumb. Not just because I have more muscle than other women around here do, but also because I frequently do exercises that no one else does...there are times when people even stop to watch when it's "showtime". And I'm fairly petite - which just adds to the contrast between what's being done, and who's doing it. So I'm often the recipient of little comments - many times from total strangers - that I know would never be said to a man in the same situation. But I take it in stride: sometimes people just don't know what to say or how to deal with someone who is different. But (with only one exception) I've never felt that anyone was insulting or unkind, and I take their remarks in the spirit in which they are given.

Well, I'm sure you stand out too - which may have been the new owner's problem with you. If you're giving out free advice, why would anyone pay for the consulting/training services he might offer? You made his staff look bad by comparison, and since you refused to work for him, that settled it. In other words, he resented you, maybe not because he's prejudiced against female bodybuilders per se, but because being a female bodybuilder made you visible, and the attention you got ran counter to his business plan.

Of course, he was still being an a**hole. If he'd had any brains, he'd have made your presence there a selling point ("look at what my gym can do for you too!").

Unfortunately, there's no shortage of jerks in the world. It's a shame you had to move on, but it was the right thing to do. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

02-11-2005, 03:12 AM
Just by a fluke and maybe some luck, I ended up being a member of 3 gyms. I originally went to a powerhouse where the atmosphere is GREAT! kinda like a hard core training type of gym where people mind their business and do more working out than talking. I LOVE that place so it's worth the $30/month, but I have to be home right after work to watch our daughter until my wife gets out of work at 7:00PM and by then I don't have much motivation to go to the gym.

The second gym I go to, I got a great deal from my previous work. It's $15/month with unlimited tanning. The tanning alone is worth the membership (when I start going again), but it's WAY too crowded and the people there are VERY snotty. Everyone looks down at everyone else, like they know everything and everyone else knows nothing, plus I've been told that I'm not supposed to be deadlifting at that gym and that I make too much noise when I rack the squat bar (I'm sorry, but it's kinda hard to put it back gently when I can barely take the 2 steps to get the weight back on the rack). I will only go there for the tanning from now on.

The third gym I go to is right accross from my new work place and is FREE because my work has a deal with them. That makes it very convenient since I can bring my food to work and workout durring lunch. The problem with this gym is that it's small, there's nothing but very overweight people who do twice as much socializing as working out and the atmosphere there kinda drains my motivation.

All of these negative excuses I have for not going to either of these gyms led me to recently buy a set of adjustable dumbbells and a bench which gives me no excuse to miss a workout now (which has helped keep me on course).

I still use the gym accross from my work at lunch on most days, and once in a great while (on wednesdays when my wife doesn't work) I go to the Powerhouse gym to replenish my motivation.

Maybe you should look around some more and see if there's a gym that you like better than both of the other ones that you were/are going to. I never realised that there were so many gyms around here 'till I realy looked. I might be getting a security-system-installation job pretty soon (I have an interview next week) so then I should be able to go to the gym that I love more often.

You were right for leaving that first gym you talked about. I can't stand ignorant people. If someone comes up to you for advice and you're willing to give it, the gym shouldn't say anything to you about it.

Congradulations by the way for changing your life around! good luck with your bodybuilding, I'm sure you'll do great with your possitive attitude.

02-11-2005, 11:56 AM
thanks for the support,ive been really hacked off by all this bull.nobody has ever seriously got at me before,ive a good sense of humour & generally im pretty thick skinned ive had the odd comment here & there like a guy who asked if i was trying to be somekind of "shot putter" i said no shot puts are round metal things that you throw,i like the flat metal things with a bar in between & can lift every one on the rack !!!! stuff like that is nothing but the comments from the staff were getting way too personal.I was asked to sign a disclaimer becaused they were "concerned" about some of the things I did,i said id built up to this intensity over a period of time,& that id do nothing that would injure me or stop me training the following day.anyway thats behind me now,the new gym feels like a side step for now,who knows where all this will lead certainly new doors will open i just prefer not having to batter them down! :rolleyes: