Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I don't really want to be a body builder just gain muscle and lose some fat

    Answer: The term bodybuilder seems to have negative connotations. Listen, anybody who follows a muscle building diet and who workouts regularly is a body builder, a natural body builder. If you think your suddenly going to look like a huge professional body builder, think again. Not only does it take amazing genetics, 10 years of training it also takes a barrel load of steroids to look like the huge body builders you see around

    Body building revealed was designed to achieve exactly what your after. To become educated on muscle building nutrition, supplements, diet, motivation and workouts. It's 100% designed for the somebody who want's to gain muscle and lose fat . Nearly 95% of our customers fit that bill and achieve exactly that.

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  • Can i Print The e-books to put in a binder to read away from the computer?

    Answer: Yes, absolutely, it's what many of my customers do. You can print it as many times as you like.

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  • Can This Be Used In My Country ?

    Answer: I have customers in over 125 countries worldwide. There is nothing in the BBR system that is specific to the USA. No special foods or brands only available in the US. We have members from literally every corner of the globe.

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  • I wanted a specific diet to follow

    Answer: Not only do I provide you with the exact diet to follow in the e-book, I also provide you with an online meal planner so you don't have to work it out yourself. On top of that I also provide pre - made diets, you can download from the private members area which have entire diets completely laid out for you, with pre and post workout nutrition included.

    Here's a screen shot of an example diet you can download once you purchase.

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  • It's To Expensive

    Answer: Truth is, it's to cheap, in fact we ran some tests which showed many people didn't purchase because they thought it was to good to be true, that we were giving away to much for the money and so therefore something must be wrong.

    It seems you can't win really. Throughout my career I have strived to ensure people don't get ripped off, I priced Body Building Revealed to ensure that as many people as possible could afford it.

    Here's the reality, you can spend as much as I charge for this entire course on a couple of tubs of protein powder, or a couple of sessions with a personal trainer, what your getting here will provide you with everything you need for years to come, it's actually phenomenal value.

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  • It's To Cheap.

    Answer: I often have potential members ask me why it's so cheap, they feel perhaps it can' t be that good as it's inexpensive. My answer is always the same, I believe if I offer you something at a fair price which exceeds your expectations then you will be a long term happy customer, and that's the kind of people I want in my private members area.

    Combine that with the fact it's electronically delivered and so has no shipping costs and that is how I can afford to do it. Don't make the mistake of thinking the program can't be good enough for the money, your going to be utterly amazed at the quality

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  • How Do I know I will get a refund If I want one.

    Answer: All our orders are processed via Clickbank, the market leader is secure transactions, you can rest assured that I am 100% legit and as good as my word.

    Listen go check me out online, just type my name into google, go visit my site Do you think it's likely I am going to rip somebody off for a few measly bucks.

    Don't you think after 12 years in this industry , after building my entire career on telling the truth and saving people money I went to all this trouble to rip you off for a few dollars.

    This one is honestly a non brainer and I'm still shocked people don't know you can simply contact your credit card company and get a refund if the seller refuses to. If you don't like Body Building Revealed, I don't want any money from you, just contact my support team here and they will refund you within 24 hours excluding Sunday.

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  • I don't like supplements and drugs

    Answer: In the entire Body Building revealed program there is not one single mention of drugs, it is a completely natural program, it doesn't require many supplements, much less drugs. In fact the entire nutrition element doesn't need ANY supplements even. Although I do slam a lot of supplements as being totally useless , there are a few such as protein powders and meal replacements which can make life easier to achieve muscle mass as they are simply more convenient. That said you don't have to take them to follow this program.

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  • I Don't have a credit card?

  • Can't I find this information on the internet somewhere for FREE

    Answer: The Internet has a wealth of good quality information mixed in with the trash but nobody worth their salt will produce something like BBR with the huge costs and time associated with it and give it away for free.

    Certainly you can grab unconnected tips and tactics from the Internet but a internationally recognized, complete solution to transforming your body with professional support and tools specifically designed to work with the program and 12 months free mentoring from the author no you can't .

    You can kid yourself that grabbing some info here and there is the same as embarking upon a custom designed program with professional daily support but it's not and your results will always be less than your capable off if given a total solution with support and the correct tools.

    It's also important to remember what your paying for. Your paying for access to the entire collection of online and offline tools, including access to my private members area, with discussion forum and personal access to myself.

    That's where BBR is entirely different from FREE information it's a program that offers the tools you need to STICK To the Program and to Keep you motivated on it.

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  • Can I buy a Physical version of the BBR e-book ?

    Answer: If I had to release this as a physical product combined with all the support we offer and the tools, it would have to be priced at $145 minimum and I feel that would stop many deserving people from owning it.

    We have spent considerable time and expense making sure this e-book is as easy to read as possible. It's been created to a very high standard, however I agree I find it hard to just sit in front of a computer for hours on end reading, I prefer to have a physical copy of what I'm reading as well.

    Easy solution ..Just print the book out that's what most of our customers do. Some even get it bound up.

    If you don't own a printer just take it to your nearest printer, almost all of them can take a PDF now on a CD or emailed to them and print it out for you.

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  • Will it Go Out Of Date ?

    Answer: Again one of the reasons we went down the e-book route is that we are constantly upgrading it for free to our members. In the last 3 years we have updated the e-book 4 times, each time adding new supplement reviews, updated information on a variety of topics and added often entirely new chapters on various subjects. So BBR never goes out of date unlike a traditional book. It's always current.

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  • This could be a scam.

    Answer: I understand, although I'm used to being pretty well known in Body Building circles, there's just as many people who don't know who I am and my reputation as do.

    If your worried I'm some fictional creation, you can do one of two things, firstly you can check out my web site here:, I've been online for many years now, take a look around, read some of my articles. I've spent my entire career ensuring people don't get scammed by telling it like it is. The second thing you can do is just type my name into Google, go and check me out on the hundreds of web sites I am listed on. That should show you I am who I say I am.

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