Auto Responders

A technique we use to great effect and one that provides us with around 20% of our profit is auto responders. If your an affiliate you probably have some auto responder software if not I strongly suggest you investigate purchasing some, I can recommend

You can easily use auto responders to market Bodybuilding Revealed very effectively and on full auto-pilot.

One technique we have seen affiliates do really well with is adding the e-mails found on the "E-Mail Messages" page to their auto responders. If you have a customer list why not set it to send them out an email # 30 days after they purchased your product? It's automatic and will generate income for you for life with no intervention or time taken on your part at all.

If you have a prospects list, and you have exhausted trying to sell a specific product, just add one of the BBR email templates above, to that auto responder say after 90 days, that way your trying different products and hopefully one of them will interest the people on that list.

We use this extensively with other people's products. If we have a relationship with an author with a great e-book we add his product to both our prospect and customer auto responders.

It means every single person who joins our lists will get the message about the product and we make revenue on auto pilot from somebody else's product.