Forum Posting & Signatures

The great thing about the muscle building industry is that the internet is absolutely full of great online forums and message boards on the topic.

Some of these forums have literally hundreds of thousands of members, that's a lot of active potential customers you can tap into.

Building up a good reputation on these forums, answering questions, helping people out, letting them know which program you achieved your success with, will all work towards the forum members trusting you and your advice and therefore

If your going to post on them why not earn some money by including your affiliate hoplink in your "signature".

What is a Forum Signature?
If your not familiar with signatures, all they are is a couple of lines of text you can add to the bottom of each post you make. Many forums online are powered by Vbulletin. To add a signature file to a vbulletin forum, just go to "User CP" and click on Edit signature.

You can then enter a sig file which will appear automatically at the bottom of every post you make. When people click on it will take them to my site and if they purchase Bodybuilding Revealed you get paid.

Creating Your Forum Signature
Here's how you would set up your forum signature, always use HTML links unless you can't , it's much better to hide your Clickbank Hoplink if you can.

Here's an example:
Remember to replace the "XXXX" with your Clickbank ID.

<a href="">Here's How I Gained
lbs Of Muscle </a>


<a href="">Finally a Zero Hype Muscle Building Program Designed By a Pro Trainer</a>

You get the drift, you can play around with any version you like, but that shows you the basics of how to implement a sig file with a Clickbank hoplink in it.

Some Golden Rules You MUST Abide By

1 : For God's sake do NOT SPAM

And I mean under any conditions do not spam a forum with useless posts, not only will you get banned from the forum, you will make Bodybuilding Revealed look bad and you'll achieve zero sales, people will simply think your an idiot.

The sales you make will be from people trusting you and your word, you won't achieve this by spamming.

2. Read The Forum Rules and the Site Rules

Important: Some forums will not allow you to do this, and you should never , ever continue to post with a signature advertising something they do not want you to advertise. Remember the forum owner is entirely within his rights to tell you not to do so.

Some forums are private members only forums where folks pay to be free from any form of advertising, you will find most of these will not accept advertising in signature files, however many many sites do not mind, and those are the ones you should concentrate on. If in doubt, ask a moderator, don't even presume that just because somebody else is doing it, it might be ok, they may have a prior arrangement, check the rules and if in doubt PM a moderator or the forum owner.

3. Look for the biggest/longest threads.

Some of the big forums have threads with over a half million views, hundreds of posts , made up from possibly hundreds of users, you can rest assured that's a pretty popular thread and posting in it will get your post seen.

Take some time, get a feel for the thread and the people in it,do a little research on what's being discussed, don't just wade in offer something new and interesting and useful to the posters, this will get you noticed quickly and people will trust what you have to say and click on your sig file.