Fat Loss Revealed ..

I currently have two products on ClickBank.

"Bodybuilding Revealed" which is focussed mainly on building muscle mass and secondly "Fat Loss Revealed", my pure fat loss program.

I strongly suggest if you use articles of mine or blog content etc, you should add a hoplink to BOTH of my Clickbank products at the end of the article/Q&A/ Blog etc.

(note your hoplink will be different for each product, full details for FLR hoplinks available from the link below)

If you use a squeeze page to take details then add material to promote Fat Loss Revealed (FLR) as well as BBR.

FLR hits a wide market from the traditional weights guys / gals trying to tone up to the house wifes looking to shed body fat.

Similar to BBR, it comprises a quality e-book, around 40 supplement reviews , although of course the supplements reviewed are fat loss ones as opposed to muscle building ones in BBR.

The FLR product also comes with 12 months access to my private fat loss forum, a diet planner, pre - made diets and much more besides.

The hoplink for FLR is :


(Remember to replace the XXXXX with your own Clickbank ID.

You should make sure your also signed up to the FLR program as well as this one as each program receives unique emails on how to promote the program, new content, special offers etc.


NOTE: If you have a website or similar, I strongly suggest getting the Brandable e-books on your site (see main menu). These brandable e-books contain links to both my e-books in them.

You can effectively double your sales , by promoting BBR and FLR at the same time.