Blog's are a quick, free and simple way to have your own web site, nowadays Blog's have become so flexible, there's really not much difference between a well set up Blog and a traditional web site

If your not inclined to set up an entire web site of your own, a blog allows you to create your own little piece of cyberspace where you can promote Bodybuilding Revealed from. Some bloggers are incredibly successful and are making a lot of money online just from affiliate programs.

Although there are literally dozens of blog providers now the biggest and "best" is probably Blogspot, it has the biggest backing and indexes favorably with Google which is important.

You can get a blog setup in minutes and it's 100% free, here's the link :

Side note:
Blogspot is ideal if you don't have your a web site and have your own domain name etc. If you do already have a web site, you should check out Word Press. . Word press has greater functionality and flexibility over blogspot and is installed on your own domain, Blog spot however is ideal if you don't have your own web site as they host the blog for you.

Why Do I Need A Blog?

If you have your own web site it's not so important but owning a Blog will allow you to implement some of the following techniques available with the bodybuilding revealed program.

Reviews & Presell
With a Blog, you can write a review of Bodybuilding Revealed and "pre-sell" your traffic before you send it to my sales page, this technique alone will massively increase your profits over simply sending traffic direct.

Brandable E-books
With a Blog you can add all my free brandable e-books and give them away to visitors. Think of all those viral copies of my free e-books going around the internet with your Clickbank hoplink in them.

Articles & Q&A Columns
With a Blog, you will be able to add my articles and Q&A's which will create great fresh content for your blog, all you need to do is add your Clickbank affiliate hoplink to the end of the articles.

Some Tips For Setting Up Your Blog

Don't try and be all things to all people.
What I mean by that is, don't promote dozens of programs, especially ones which are very different. If you want to promote Bodybuilding Revealed then stick to muscle building and bodybuilding as your Blog's main content. Use my articles , Q&A's and other muscle building / bodybuilding related content.

A sure fire way to minimize your revenue from your blog is by trying to promote more than one program on a single blog. You will lose credibility instantly if people think your simply trying to hawk any program you can.

If you want to maximise your revenue with your blog , then show people you stand behind one or two products maximum, otherwise your blog starts to look like a shopping mall site and people will just leave instantly before they even read what you have to say.

Nowadays surfers are becoming very savvy and will spot a sales orientated site a mile off.

Know your audience , stick to one or two products and stick to providing quality information to that niche audience.

Keep the Blog Clean / Easy To Read & Navigate
In other words, leave gawdy background colour's, huge animated twirling images and so forth to the kids , your site should be as simple and as clean as possible.

You want the blog to be very easy to read, people will simply leave if you have chosen some god awful colour scheme and they can't read what you have to say without a struggle.

Keep Your Blog Entries Short and Sweet
Blog's tend to work best when each entry is relatively short, people have become used to visiting Blog's and getting quality information in bite sized chunks, it's best to try and adhere to this practice where possible.

Don't make it look like a sales site
You don't want to slam great big text messages saying "buy this program now" all over your site.

It will achieve next to no sales. Surfers rarely go online trying to find a muscle building program, they go online looking for solutions and answers, you need to provide those answers and give them a solution.

The solution to their problem is Bodybuilding Revealed, but you need to tell them that in a subtle fashion, be too direct and you will lose them.

For example, add one of my articles , then put a small piece of text at the bottom of the article about how much you liked the article and are impressed with my writing , then after that put one of my e-book covers images at the end of the article with something like " For More On What Will Brink Thinks About Gaining Muscle Click Here" .

Then just add your clickbank hoplink to that "click here".

In other words, don't cram it down their faces, give them good content first and then include the link to Bodybuilding Revealed. Perhaps even offer them one of my brandable ebooks at the end.

Introduce yourself and be visible
By this I mean, don't be some random faceless entity, your using your blog to try and create revenue from the program and people will want to know who you are, so include a little bit about yourself on your blog.

People buy from people, it's important they feel your real and have a genuine interest in the product your recommending on the blog. Adding a photo can really cement the surfers trust that your a real human being recommending a quality product.

Make a Personal Recommendation
Nothing creates sales like an honest personal recommendation of a product. If your prepared to spend the time writing a personal review of Bodybuilding Revealed you'll find your sales go through the roof.

Check out the reviews section for ideas, adding a review to your blog is a sure fire way to increase sales. Be honest, feel free to include all the products strengths but if you feel it has a weakness, let them know, be honest, people will feel your honest and trust your recommendation and buy even if there may be a weakness in some area.

The fact that your being honest and still recommending it will be your strongest selling point.

Here's an example of a guy who really knows how to write a review, he's taken some considerable time with his review and has reaped the benefits ever since.

The Build Muscle & Gain Weight Fast Guide

Keep it relaxed and even Funny If You Can
Don't try and be to formal on a blog, people are expecting a loose relaxed style. Keep it informal, talk on the blog as if your talking to somebody across the room from yourself, keep it relaxed, and if you can be humorous even better, you want to keep the surfer trusting you and feeling he/she knows you.

Writing like a robot won't achieve that, so hang loose , be friendly and use it as as personal diary open to the world.

The worst sin, dullness, don't be boring, it's a sure fire way to send potential customers scurrying for the back button.