Pay Per Click - Adwords etc.

Note to experienced Ad words Experts.
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If your new to Ad words please read on ..
Pay-per-click, such as Google Ad words are a "simple" way to generate instant traffic and many advertisers rely on it now that organic search engine traffic is so hard to achieve.

The beauty of it is the speed at which you can create instant highly targeted traffic and the fact you don't even need your own web site or mailing list to to do it or to make money.

The system works by allowing you to choose a set cost er click, that your willing to pay for each keyword or phrase that is typed into Google. When somebody types your chosen keywords in to google , for example "gaining mass", your advert will appear , you decide what your willing to pay each time somebody clicks on that advert.

Ad words are the adverts you see down the right hand side of Google search results and occasionally at the top of the page as well highlighted in blue and purple.

With the right tweaking of your ad words campaigns you can create an automatic non stop flow of sales making a nice profit , if you know what your really doing as much as 400-500% profit.

Important Clarification of the word "simple"
I used the word " simple" above. The process of getting an advert of yours to appear on Google within 10 minutes is incredibly simple, the process of making a ROI (Return On Investment) is not so simple.

While I don't want to put you off, Ad words is not something you should just pile money into without studying the process first. Millions are being made by experienced ad words experts, but charging in with a budget without doing your research will leave you with empty pockets.

Don't lose your $$$
As I said above, Ad words is not something you should just jump into, I strongly advise you to get hold of Perry Marshall'sThe Definitive Guide To Google Ad words . It's the bible of Ad words if you like and everybody who is serious about making a profit from Ad words or in fact any PPC, must read this first.

Perry also has a free 5 day course you can try here -

The difference between making a substantial profit on Ad words or wasting $$$ is in reading Perry's guide and paying attention to what he's telling you.

The truth is that Ad words DOES WORK, and in fact works incredibly well, many of our affilaites make thousands of dollars via our program using adwords, but I don't want you to just go out there and blow your hard earned $$$ so please take my advice and study the adwords process first.

If you aren't interested in paying for this guide, then the next best thing would be the Google Ad words Learning Center, which is a completely free resource.