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What is Pre-Sell ?

Having a pre-sell page on your web site is a hugely effective method for improving your conversions and therefore increasing sales of Bodybuilding Revealed. Yes, it take a little time up front but once done it pays dividends for years afterwards.

Pre-selling Bodybuilding Revealed by using a positive review builds confidence with the potential customer. This is because your essentially giving the product a big thumbs up before they even reach our sales site. This puts the potential purchaser into a positive mind set before they reach our sales copy which always results in better sales.

Below you will find some examples of how sites have set up review pages for Bodybuilding Revealed, and also some template reviews you could use on your web site if you don't have the time to write your own.

So how does it work..... see below for a simple quick guide.

Step by Step Guide:

Step #1 Set up a page on your web site such as :

Step #2 On that page then add your own personal review of bodybuilding Revealed.

Real Life Examples

Here's an example review from an affiliate who has taken the time to write their own review, with the result that they almost doubled their conversions.
Ultimatefatburner review of Bodybuilding Revealed

Here's how 'Burn the Fat' Guru Tom Venuto integrated a Bodybuilding Revealed review directly into his web site by adding it as a menu option. If you click on "Bodybuilding Advice" from his menu it takes you to the review of Bodybuilding Revealed.
Tom Venuto's Bodybuilding Revealed review

Here's another example of a site who simply took the information from the Bodybuilding revealed info page (see main menu), and added it to their site as a review.
Busy Womens Fitness Review of Bodybuilding Revealed.

Here's an example of somebody who integrated the Bodybuilding Revealed info page into their blog as a review.
Marc David's Bodybuilding Live Blog Review

Tips & Suggestions

So there you have a few ideas on how to implement a pre-sell review page.

Once you have created your pre-sell / review page, you can point all your Bodybuilding Revealed promotions to that page as opposed to directly to ours.

So the user reads your review first, then at the end of your review you then send them to our site already "pre-sold" on how powerful Bodybuilding Revealed is.

If you have the cover of our e-book on your site, instead of linking it directly to our sales site, you can link it to your personal review which you will then link to our sales site.

The difference is you will have written a personal review of our product which will depending on your audience and your reputation with them, dramatically improve your conversions and sales, in many cases conversions improve from 1 in 100 to 1 in 30 .

We have seen this time and time again, if you have a strong connection with your readership you will increase your sales dramatically with pre-sell.

It's essentially the same method review type sites adopt. Write a truthful and honest review of the product and people will have built in trust before they even get to our site, therefore increasing conversions and sales.

What are the benefits ?

  • A personal review of one of our products put on a page on your site linked to from your home page or menu will will increase your conversions from most traffic to around 3%+

  • Adding new content to your site like this can create organic traffic from the search engines. We have many affiliates sitting in top 5 positions on google and yahoo using personal review pages as content.

  • You can link directly to your review page from a mail-out to your list and because you are already pre-selling that traffic before it hits our web site your conversions will shoot up.

  • You can link to your review from an e-book cover or one of the new Instant attention grabbers (see left menu) from your home page, again increasing your conversion ratio and sales .

  • If you use PPC/ Google Adwords etc , send them to your personal review first and then link to our site. You will get a better response for your ad-spend this way.

  • You can do and say so much more on a web site page than you can in an e-mail, people don't really like to read long e-mails it's much easier to read them on a web page. You can use it as a tool to work with almost any other method of promotion you choose to do.

No Time To Write Your Own Pre-Sell Page?

Ok, here's a few template reviews you can use . Please note these are designed to give you a framework to work from. It is NOT suggested you simply cut and paste them word for word. Many affiliates have access to these. It would not look good for you to claim it's your review only for somebody to have read the same review elsewhere.

We strongly suggest you simply use them as basis and edit them as much as possible.

Pre-Sell Example #1

My Review of "Brink's Body Building e-book"

Until you learn to eat right, take the right supplements, ignore the bad ones, know exactly how to train etc, you will have a very hard time building lean muscle.

I am constantly reading and learning about the best ways to build lean muscle mass. Education is probably one of the best things you can do to help yourself get the edge when working out in the gym. That is why I buy tons of books and training guides, and it's why you should too if you are serious about fitness.

While doing my normal internet searches for the latest muscle building news, I came across an interesting e-book (basically a book that your can read on your computer). The ebook was called "Body Building Revealed" and was written by a man by the name of Will Brink. I had heard of Will before in the muscle building industry and I knew he was a straight shooting, "tell it like it is" kind of guy.

In fact, Will is a sports nutrition and supplementation expert, not some lazy slob sitting in his basement writing "muscle building" guides. Some of Will's clients include famous athletes and even SWAT team and Navy Seal special operation teams! When Will talks about building muscle, I listen. Plain and simple.

Needless to say, I was on the edge of my seat while reading this guide. The "lean muscle building diet" plan that is spelled out step by step was worth the price of the book by itself. This is the same plan used by professional athletes throughout the world. The only difference is, you don't have to pay thousands of dollars for this plan like the athletes do.

In the second part of the book, Will talks about bodybuilding supplements. I have to admit, I was completely shocked at what he revealed. Thanks to Will, I will save thousands of dollars this year by not wasting money on supplements that flat out don't work. (Will does explain which ones DO WORK, so that is something you won't want to miss, in the book are over 50 fully referenced body building supplement reviews, it's pretty amazing to be honest)

The third part of the e-book looks at weight training, he has a chapter designed for beginners to intermediates then as if that was not enough a huge addition from master trainer Charles Poliquin for the more advanced trainee.

To be honest it would take me pages to do justice to this e-book, there are over 640 pages in it, he goes to to explain in further chapters about the correct way to do cardio to retain lean muscle mass, then there's a huge chapter on motivation and goal setting, honestly this thing is like a body building bible.

Last time I checked, Will was offering a special on his web site. He was giving away free memberships to his "Inner Ring", which is basically free support and consulting with Will and a bunch of other great freebies. If he is still offering this bonus, then you should signup right away before he stops giving it away.

I can't recommend Will Brink's "Body Building Revealed"e- book highly enough.

Click Here and hurry over to his web site to check it out for yourself.

Remember to replace the XXXX with your own Clickbank Hoplink.

Example Pre-Sell Page #2

Will Brink's "Body Building Revealed" is in my opinion the the most complete, comprehensive and easy to understand information published to date on "how to achieve lean muscle gains". (It has even been described by bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada as a "must read").

The author, Will Brink, is a genuine sports nutrition and supplementation expert, with all the credentials to prove it - not just another of the many "self acclaimed experts" that seem to appear everywhere on the Internet these days. (This fact in itself makes Body Building Revealed worthy of further investigation!)

The fact is that anyone who's been working out for any length of time knows that your efforts in the gym will largely go un rewarded if you don't eat and train correctly.

In fact many experts say that if you're trying to build lean muscle as much as 80% of your end results are down to correct nutrition and rest - NOT training. This being true it simply makes no sense at all to go to the gym without learning how to eat correctly.

...And Will's information is quite simply the very best out there in my opinion to help you achieve this - for two simple reasons:

1) It's all scientifically proven - Will is a leading researcher and consultant.

2) His information is proven in real world results - Will's clients as a trainer include an impressive list of top name athletes as well as SWAT and Navy Seal special operation teams.

In the first section of Body Building Revealed you'll learn just about all you need to know about eating to build lean muscle fast. It's brilliantly written, extremely easy to understand and takes you step by step through what would otherwise be the daunting task of putting together your own personal "lean muscle building diet" - you'll be shown how to do it in the exact same way that professional athletes do.

In the following chapters, Will explains in depth how to train , which supplements to use and which to avoid, how to do your cardio to retain lean mass, whilst still losing body fat, and pretty much everything else you could ever need to know to gain muscle.

Besides the written information you get access to an amazing resource which Will call's his "Inner Ring" in which you basically get free consultancy with Will, along with an incredible array of diet planning tools, unique articles from other leading industry experts and much more. It really is awesome stuff, and you'll not find such an immense amount of muscle gain knowledge and information in one place anywhere else of that I'm sure!

I can safely say this is the most complete guide to building muscle I have ever seen, the only downside if there is one is it's size , this thing is 630 pages long, it's a monster, but then again it has a great index and table of contents and you can just click to the section your interested in.

I can't recommend it enough.

To learn more about Will's incredible Body Building Revealed click here

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So there you have two template examples of how to set up a pre-sell page, and some cut and paste text you can use.