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Will Brink

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Charles Poliquin B.Sc, M. Sc. Says..

This is a program you can trust . Combine

Will's nutrition and supplement information with my training tips and advice, and success is virtually guaranteed."

Charles Poliquin B.Sc, M. Sc.
Olympic Coach
Author of German Body Composition,
The Poliquin Principles, Winning the Arm's Race.

Tom Venuto CSCS, NSCA - CPT says

I have no hesitation in saying that Will Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed is Simply Superb!"

It would take pages to do complete justice to reviewing Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed, because it is such a monumental piece of work. I can't imagine the man-hours that went into the creation of this resource let alone the research that had to be done.

In my eyes, even more important is the honesty and objectivity of the reviews and recommendations, which is very important in the shady, biased and confusing bodybuilding marketplace.

In particular, Will's method of looking at "what the science says" AND "what the real world" says is the best possible approach to making informed decisions about products or programs. Overall, two very big enthusiastic thumbs up!

Tom Venuto CSCS, NSCA - CPT
Multi Certified Personal Trainer
Freelance Writer & Best Selling Author

Dr. John Berardi PhD says ...

"Will has helped thousands build muscle, lose fat, and transform their bodies.

With B.B.R, Will provides one of the most comprehensive resources available today."

Dr John Berardi PhD, CSCS
Adjunct Assistant Professor Ottawa, Canada.
Olympic Team Trainer
Author & Columnist.

Jon Benson says. ...

"The e-book gets into specifics regarding exactly what and how to eat in order to gain lean muscle mass and burn fat. Don’t let the hard-core look fool you .

As I’ve said a thousand times, the principles that work to gain fifty pounds of muscle are the ones YOU need to apply to gain five.

The interaction with other trainees, Will and his expert team, is what makes this deal a steal…that and it’s free for a year. (I think Will is bonkers for giving this much content away for free…and I’m darn sure that won’t last…but hey, that’s his business.)BBR is a must-have — no questions asked.

The supplements section alone will save you five, ten, even a hundred times what you pay for the e-book. Trust me — most of the stuff people take is worthless, but Will goes into why, and the science behind it, plus what really does work.

"Jon Benson CSN
Nutritionist and Internationally-recognized Life Coach
Best-selling Author of Fit Over 40 and Simply Eat!

Hugo Rivera CFT, SPN, BSCE. Says ....

"This industry is riddled with misinformation, most people are left to figure out which of the information is valid and which is not.

With Will Brinks program however, valuable time and money is saved as Will covers every aspect of the bodybuilding equation, including the confusing subjects of muscle building nutrition, training, supplementation and cardiovascular exercise.

As you can expect from Will, precise formulas are provided to help you calculate your diet as well as solid practical training routines and nobody has the level of knowledge on supplements that Will does.

Nothing is left to interpretation so once you are done reading the book, you will know exactly what needs to be done.

The free access to the Inner Ring is really where this system just plain over delivers, access to Will himself, to other BBR members, that's priceless.

Hugo Rivera- CFT, SPN, BSCE.
Multi Certified Personal Trainer
Best Selling Author (Over 1 million books sold worldwide)

Lee Labrada Says...

"I commend Will Brink on his efforts to debunk sports nutrition, training and especially the sometimes shady world of bodybuilding supplements."

"There are few trustworthy individuals in this industry, Will is one of them. This is quite simply a must have resource."

Lee Labrada.
President and CEO Labrada Nutrition
Houston's Official Fitness Czar.