Common Questions

Common Questions

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is just the term used for people who make money by recommending Bodybuilding Revealed to others. This might be via Pay Per Click (PPC), a web site, a newsletter, a blog, via a special link in your sig files on a forum, or any other way you drive traffic to my web site. Everytime somebody purchases Bodybuilding Revealed who came from you, you get paid a big commission. It's that simple really. If your making money from promoting my product, then your an affiliate marketer.

Do I have to do anything, like send the e-book?

You don't need to do anything other than promote my system . I handle absolutely everything else. Once you have promoted my product and sent me traffic through your “affiliate link”, you are pretty much done as I handle everything else from there.

Where do I get this special affiliate link that tracks my sales?

Clickbank is the leading provider of affiliate software and we run the entire Bodybuilding Revealed program through them. You can find all the information on signing up to Clickbank by clicking on the "Setup Details - How to Get Started " link in the menu to the left.

Who are Clickbank?

Clickbank is the leading 3rd party affiliate program on the internet today. It deals with millions of dollars of transactions per day for thousands of affiliate products. They handle all the credit card transactions and the affiliate program itself. They accept every type of credit card as well as Paypal, and make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase the products.

They are the most trusted and largest by far affiliate program on the internet and best of all they pay you every two weeks like clockwork.

You can sign up here to Clickbank

When Do I get Paid?

Clickbank pays you directly for every sale you make. They send you a check every 2 weeks. This takes the worry out of the system. Clickbank are the market leaders in affiliate software and you can relax knowing they take care of all your payments directly.

How much do you pay per sale?

The Bodybuilding Revealed system currently sells for $47 and the current deluxe package at $67. I pay you the maximum commision Clickbank allows of 75% commision per sale.

Why sell BBR ?

Aside from the fact you'll be selling a quality product without hype and fluff, written by a well respected author with a scientific background , the fact is BBR sells well. We average around 2% conversion but super affiliates using pre-sell and other techniques can average as high as 5%. The refunds are insanely low because customers gain access to our private members area where we help them with the program on a daily basis.

Will I really make money?

How much money you make is 100% up to you, there is no limit at all to how much you can earn, I have one super affiliate who earned over $15,000 in under 3 days with a special promotion to his list, on the other scale we have part timers who earn just a few hundred dollars a month in commission The more aggressive you are and the more you learn about affiliate marketing the more money you can earn.

Can anybody be an affiliate ?

Absolutely anybody can become an affiliate. I have affiliates who are still at school earning money recommending my program to their friends , I have professional online marketers earning thousands per month, that's the beauty of the internet. Anybody who's prepared to put a little work in can make money from this affiliate program.

Who are you and are you legit?

I've been a long time writer, columnist and researcher in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. You can read my full bio from the "Will's Bio" option in the menu to the left.

Can I see the e-book to evaluate it?

Unfortunately due to "freebie" seekers we no longer send out free copies to everybody who requests it. However If you have an established web site or newsletter that is clearly successful at promoting similar systems and you are looking to promote Bodybuilding Revealed, I will set you up a special link where you can download a full copy to evaluate. Just use the "Contact Us" link from the menu on the left to request a copy to evaluate including the details of your web site etc.

How do I get started Promoting Bodybuilding Revealed.

Just click on the "Set up Details - How to Get Started" option from the menu on the left as everything you need you can find there.

If you have any questions or problems at all, or simply want to chat, use the "Contact Us" link from the menu on the left and either I or a member of my staff will get straight back to you.

William D. Brink
Author and Industry consultant.